De cara al horizonte: Think short, feel long

martes, 27 de junio de 2017

Think short, feel long

Time flows and flies, days and nights, nights and days, one after another. And he realized that life is just the things we do with the time, that only passes. Cause time does nothing, it just exists. Like him... But existing and living is like the water and a river: both the same, both quite different. And there he was, standing in front of the sea with, moon shiny illuminating the infinite ocean and his thoughts flying far away but nowhere. Suddenly, a dying wave touched his feet. It was really cold but, at the same time, he felt he really wanted to swim. But then he will be wet in the night. But he also would leave next morning and he may not return to that beach never. So he wanted to swim but it seemed to be crazy do it in the middle of the night. Something happened, an impulse, a second, a breath and he jumped into the water. Lots of feelings at the same time... but Nomadi was happy. Cause you just live one time and there are things that can only happen just once. Why be so risky and don't live them? Why be so scared of being alive? So Nomadi swam for an hour and when he got out of the water he felt his body freezing from the feet to the heart. But this one was beating as hell, and all the bad things were just a background whisper in the middle of the wonderful music of the life, of his blood hitting the walls of his veins, the melody that no one can hear but everybody can feel of the soul full of emotions. And that night Nomadi was cold, and he barely could sleep and he got sick. Sick of happiness. Now, Nomadi keeps travelling around the world, thinking hard but short, feeling deep and long. Nomadi n'a pas de foyer, parce que le monde entier est son foyer.

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